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    By Jennifer Lee





    It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.


    Jennifer has built personal & professional connections with her network a major part of her natural gifts. Proudly nicknamed the Referral Queen, with sincerest interest in getting to know who people are and what they do that is unique. She will rave about them to anyone needing their expertise.


    Through 13 years of exciting diverse business experiences it has lead to a bold entrepreneurial spirit. Design Consulting AS A Director + Designer Of NEW Environments!


    She was an artist who always loved creating using many mediums, fabric dying, hot glass blowing, sculpting soapstone, painting and metal work. Her educational background was in furniture and textile design and studied interior design at Sheridan in Oakville, Ontario.


    with the eye of an artist and hands of a crafts woman it lends her to never be afraid of being hands-on or even getting dirty in the creating process.


    Allowing Referral Queens Designs to blossom with a persistent and positive approach there is no project too difficult or any dream to impossible to achieve. She really loves what she does therefor it never feels like work but passion driven. Elaborative creativity allows for solutions in custom designs to suit the needs of the uncompromising clients. She has rebranded herself in business over the years and no matter the evolving of her own business, the roots are in Design.


    Creating beautiful living and working spaces to enhance peoples inspiration and serenity in their day to day lives. She understands the value and importance of connections, how emotion is affected by our visual surrounding, it all has impact on our potential for happiness and achieving success.

    (She strives to exceed expectations into WOW FACTOR!)

  • Why Hire a Professional Designer?

    Professional Interior Designers have the experience necessary to oversee the complex tasks of designing a private residential, commercial office, retail environment, recreation facility or public institution. Interior designers coordinate with other trades, suppliers and licensed practitioners to ensure the safe, successful completion of projects.  

  • Why Hire Jennifer & Team?

    Project Designing, redesigning or renovating an interior space often involves a significant investment of time, money and effort. Everything Referral Queens Design does has to be broken down into all the elements, looking at details with a detail conscience mind, yet- "Keeping the Big Picture in Mind."

    Hiring Our Referral Queens Design Team, our trusted general contractors, partnered trades and vendors, are the best way to ensure you get value for your investment. It also provides peace of mind knowing your project will:


    Completed On Time & On Budget


    Bring You Trending & Timeless Designs


    Quality Products at Industry Prices


    Trades & Service Providers Excellence 



    Ask to see most recent upon first consultation

    Unicorn Cottage Staging

    Stylizing the Bedroom

    We design many spaces to be ready for the comfort of short-term stay guests on Airbnb Investment properties.

    Belmead Renovation & Decoration

    Renovations of Older Home Kitchens

    We also help captivate time period of a home, while modernizing it enough for conveniences in design form & function. Kitchen and office in the line of sight, white & grey clean lines visual. Sometimes keeping cabinets and juts painting saves time and money. Sometimes a full tear-out demolition is necessary.

    Belmead Holiday Decorating

    Lovely A Frame Home Design for Living-room

    We select schemes to be bold, soothing, or many other moods taking a monochromatic colours or saturated accent colours to compliment a space can balancing masculine and feminine energy.

    Belmead Holiday Decorating

    Capturing Downtown View

    A Touch of Greenery on Feature Wall

    We select many temporary wallpapers making textures such as marble, for spaces to add interest many unique fake and real plant installations in our spaces greenery is essential even in minimalistic spaces.

    Southside Renovation

    Full Tear-Out From 1990 to Ultra Modern Brand New Kitchen

    Installing Kitchen with Granite Waterfall Edge Island

    We select many temporary wallpapers making textures such as marble, for spaces to add interest many unique fake and real plant installations in our spaces greenery is essential even in minimalistic spaces.

    West End Home Repairs from Bad Tenant Damages & Furnishing

    Repairs & Deficencies for Home Owners

    Taking over properties that have had a bad long term tenant, we repair the home damages, clean, and furnish the home for high-end short term rental guests through Airbnb.

    Designing Functional Home Office

    Small spaces to be optimized

    Making a clients wish list to meet function and style, editing, de-clutter sorting, catagorizing, and organizing in a way to becoming more efficient.

    Designing Playful Children Rooms

    Going in the fantasy of a child-like minds

    Under the sea, or onto a pirate ship the fun of designing with a child on the space they desire.The joy of letting the imagination of the mind become a reality in the room.



    I began humbly working for the "Colour Your World" stores using my skills as a mixologist of paint and working on all my wallpaper, faux finish and paint techniques.


    I interned with Jane Hall "The Voice of Style" an Interior designer and Artist in Toronto-


    Having learned so much from this amazing woman about bold colour palettes. Inspired me to research and study all of Trisha Guild Books of Colour. Admiring Jane's artistry of hand painted furniture and wall artwork echoing the interior design styles she designed in homes. Was happy to have her expertise when designing even my own first home.


    I moved on to work in many aspects of design for many clients.


    Recently we took on the task of a renovation on an older home in 40 days, for a prominent lawyer, fully gutted and finished for the holidays. With our extensively close relationship to the industries best, we were able to accomplish the challenging task and complete with exceptional quality finishes.


    We have several projects underway commercial space, and loft living we hope to be able to share soon...


    Hello ... What Can I Design For You?



    We consider ourselves a partner in the design projects, we take effective communication seriously... so reach out in the form of communication most comfortable for you.

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